Association of Mechanical Engineers, Regional Branch in Pilsen

Member of the National Association of Mechanical Engineers, Czech Republic


Chairman of the Regional Branch:
Dr. Jaroslav Synac

Honorary Chairman:
Prof. Miroslav Stastny

Regional Branch Manager:
Dr. Blanka Vlckova

Secretariat of the Regional Branch:
Miroslava Poskocilova

Actual number of the Regional Branch members in Pilsen: 26

Legal form:
Branch Association

Company ID: 69457654

Its principal objectives are:

  • To focus on technical ideas of turbosets and power units
  • To organize lectures with a technical theme for club members
  • To organize seminars and conferences focusing on the wide issues of the design and operation of blade machines

Important dates:

  • January 1, 1999 – preparatory work leading to the founding of the Regional Branch
  • March 23, 1999 – founding meeting of the Regional Branch A.S.I.-Turbomachinery-Pilsen
  • March 26, 1999 – Registration of the Regional Branch
  • January 11, 2017 Change of the legal form to Branch Association, Registered in the Federal Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague in section L, insert number 41253

History of the Regional Branch’s conference activity:

  • A series of lectures were introduced in 1999
  • 2000 – 2003 annual one-day professional seminar
  • In 2003 the Regional Branch organized the 5th European Conference on Turbomachinery
  • In 2004 the Regional Branch organized the International Turbomachinery Workshop. Its participants were representatives of the universities in Gdansk, Poznan, Dresden, Stuttgart and the UWB
  • Since 2005, the Regional Branch has been preparing a follow-up Turbomachinery Conference

– 2005 Conference was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of birth of Prof. Dr. Jan Juza

– 2012 Conference was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of birth of Prof. Miroslav Stastny


A.S.I. Regional Branch in Pilsen

Tylova 1 / 57
301 28 Plzen

Account held at CSOB a.s. in Pilsen, account number 155445581/0300