Association of Mechanical Engineers, Regional Branch in Pilsen is preparing a traditional TURBOMACHINERY Conference

Actual requirements for the operation of modern fossil resources are largely influenced by the rapidly increasing share of renewable sources of energy, which are not stable by its nature. This puts new demands on the operation of conventional sources with steam turbine, which are still a necessary addition to renewable sources.

Main operational requirements include, in particular, the flexibility of operation, instant power availability, long-term safe operation on partial and minimum output while maintaining high efficiency or a high number of turbine start-ups with short commissioning times. Therefore, the forthcoming conference in 2018 will bear the subtitle “Flexibility of the Turbosets”. This is the 18th annual meeting of experts focusing on the blade machines and turbosets.

The topics of the conference will be divided into three areas:

  • Flutter – Influence of low-power turbine operation on the dynamic response of the last blades with respect to aeroelasticity
  • Diagnostics and thermal loading – Prediction and monitoring of lifetime utilization of critical turbine components regarding to increased thermal loading as a result of flexible operation
  • Optimization of turbine components which are limiting for the flexible operation (bearings, seals, etc.)

There will be also presented results of the FlexTurbine consortium members. The FlexTurbine consortium brings together 21 industrial and academic partners from 7 European countries including the world’s leading manufacturers of steam and gas turbines (GE, Siemens, Ansaldo, MAN). FlexTurbine is a three-year international project supported by the EU program Horizon 2020 “Highly Flexible and Efficient Fossil Fuel Power Plants”. This program deals with the collaborative development of steam and gas turbines components which have been identified as critical from the view of above-mentioned areas. Doosan Škoda Power is the coordinator of the entire project.

The conference will also be attended by representatives of the TurboReFlex consortium. These are six major producers of steam and gas turbines (DSPW, GE, Ansaldo, MAN, HHPSE, Siemens), power plant operators (Gas Natural) and further 15 industrial and academic partners from 9 European countries. TurboReFlex is also supported by the EU program Horizon 2020. Under this program technology for retrofits of fossil power plants is developed. This will enable their flexible operation and thus their use as a backup production capacity for a changing European power producing system.